‌‌Business Models and Private Sector Opportunities

‌‌Sanitation: Toilets and Waste Water
‌‌Solid Waste Management
Water ATM‌‌ Water ATMs
Bottled Water‌‌ Drilling & Installation
Water Purifiers‌‌ Water Purification
Water Tanker Water Tanker Supply
Toilets‌‌ Toilets
Waste Transportation‌‌ Transportation
Treatment Treatment
Reuse and Disposal Reuse and Disposal
Organic Waste‌‌ Organic Waste
Plastic Waste
Dry Waste‌‌ Dry Waste (paper, plastic etc)
E Waste E-waste
Biomedical Waste‌‌ Biomedical Waste
Hygiene products‌‌‌‌Hygiene Products
Cleaning ServicesCleaning services
Pest controlPest control
Operator of public bath‌‌Operator of public bath
LaundryLaundry services

‌‌‌Impact on Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs)

No Poverty
Zero Hunger
Good Health and Well Being
Clean Water and Sanitation
Affordable and Clean Energy
Decent Work and Economic Growth
industry innovation