The Fund targets a specific SME segment: Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs), e.g. not being served by Microfinance Institutions since the required investment amount is too large, neither by banks, because their investment need is too small for them.
TaSF thus will provide patient capital in combination with capacity building to support SGB investees in their business growth, in balance with a positive social and environmental impact.
Builds on existing local and international partnerships with in-depth sector expertise.
TaSF seeks to offer both financial returns and a high development impact to investors, supporting SDG 6 as cross cutting enabler and other Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Fund Principles

To strengthen SGBs to build sustainable economies and create values for their stakeholders, in balance with social and environmental aspects

The following principles are important to Take-a-Stake Fund:

  1. Investing in successful SGBs with proven financial and business track record.
  2. Financing SGBs which provide products & services with a value addition, e.g. basic needs, also affordable for people with low income. 
  3. Supporting SGBs which have sound environmental, social and governance performances and openness to further improve (with support of TASF).
  4. Focusing on the water, sanitation, waste and related sectors, and aiming for cross-pollination of ideas, technology and business models.
  5. Partnering with local social organizations, banks, financial institutions, impact investors, technology firms, municipalities and government bodies who have deep technical and financial expertise.
  6. Working with local teams with strong management, financial and technical expertise, to work closely with and support investee companies. 
  7. Bringing benefits to other local stakeholders: As our investees grow, they generate broad economic and social impacts on a wide variety of other players, like their suppliers, customers, financiers, governments, and local communities, especially including low income earners.

Why Focus on SGBs?

TaSF targets financially viable SGBs which aim to contribute to:

  1. Regional economic growth, responding to demographic change and growing inequality.
  2. Solutions according to the principles of a Circular Economy. 
  3. Strengthening the supply chain for basic needs, with focus on water, sanitation, hygiene (WASH), waste management and renewable energy.
  4. Creating employment and better employment conditions.
  5. Access to technology, innovation and knowledge.
  6. Setting examples how access to capital and technical assistance can enable upscaling of WASH solutions and generate profit.
  7. Starting in Kenya, Uganda and India and later expansion of the model to other countries.

We aim for investees, which serve a huge demand for basic needs products and services that contribute to sustainable regional development.

TaSF Global and countries of focus

TASF headquarter s based in The Hague, Netherlands, in addition to regional Affiliates. 
Africa: Initial focus on Kenya and Uganda, and later to other countries in the region.
Asia: Initial focus on India and later also other countries in the region.